Target Jumps on the Big & Tall Bandwagon

  Let’s give a big shout out and a round of applause for Target finally providing Big & Tall sizes in their stores!!! This is a BIG step and a huge accomplishment that another major retailer decided to carry Big & Tall sizes because there are still so many of them that do not... which … Continue reading Target Jumps on the Big & Tall Bandwagon


Winter Coat Season

Well.. I can finally say we are dead center in the middle of the winter season. As my grandfather used to say “It's colder than a witches titty outside”. When temperatures are 30 degrees and below, you know what time it is. Time to bust out the winter coat.    If there is one thing … Continue reading Winter Coat Season

“Blacked Out” at this year’s Empowerment Social

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending one of the most amazing networking events ever, The Empowerment Social. The day was filled with networking, drinks, food, speakers featured at the top of every hour, and of course a good turn-up dancing to hit songs by the DJ in between speaker presentations. The dress … Continue reading “Blacked Out” at this year’s Empowerment Social