Oh Crop!

Fall Season in November is one of my favorite times of the year! Depending on the weather you can go outside wearing a nice knitted or patterned sweater, thick colorful bomber jacket, or a heavy pea coat. You just don’t know what kind of weather we’re going to expect this month in New York, which means you can switch up your outfits at anytime.  

IMG_0266A cropped pant, button up shirt layered with a sweater, and a nice loafer is one of my favorite looks this season. A good pair of no show socks works well with this outfit (which you of course can’t see). If it was much cooler outside, I would have definitely added a nice long patterned sock to make the outfit pop even more. However, that’s the good thing about fall, you can make minor adjustments to your outfit at any given time to make it pop more or tone it down some.  

Crop pants were not as popular years ago for taller guys as they are now. You always heard somebody asking “is there a flood”? Implying that the reason your pant legs were so high was to avoid getting them wet. 

But times have changed, and I may sound a little bias, but I prefer crop pants on taller guys! Why? They accentuate the length to make the pants more appealing than when someone shorter wears them.

I suggest all Big & Tall men own at least 3 pairs of crop pants. Currently, the best places to buy a pair are Asos Plus and Old Navy.

What is the one item you wear that always makes your outfit pop for the Fall season?  


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