Winter Coat Season

Well.. I can finally say we are dead center in the middle of the winter season. As my grandfather used to say “It’s colder than a witches titty outside”.

When temperatures are 30 degrees and below, you know what time it is. Time to bust out the winter coat.   

If there is one thing I hate other than being hot and sweating my balls off, its being cold and freezing my balls off. So last year I invested in a warm and stylish winter coat. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

Photo Credit: @Johnnie_view

When searching, I knew I did not want to go with the popular black winter coat because I already wear a lot of black in the winter season.

One of my favorite online retailers is ASOS. They’re one of the best in my opinion that carry some of the best winter apparel.

As I scrolled through the winter coat selections, a long length army green coat with fur lining inside and around the hood caught my eye. The fur inside the coat reminded me of a lion, and me being a LEO that was a huge plus.

I knew this was the ONE because the color matched perfectly with most of the clothes that I wear during season.

When you’re looking for the perfect winter coat, remember to look for one that fits your style, color scheme, and of course keeps you warm during those brisk days.  

Who do you think carries the best coats for the winter season?  




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