Target Jumps on the Big & Tall Bandwagon


Let’s give a big shout out and a round of applause for Target finally providing Big & Tall sizes in their stores!!!

This is a BIG step and a huge accomplishment that another major retailer decided to carry Big & Tall sizes because there are still so many of them that do not… which is still so fucking frustrating.

Goodfellow & Co Lightweight Jacket (Target)

For instance, American Eagle and Old Navy provide Big & Tall sizes but you can only purchase them online. I’m sorry but its 2019 and these stores are still punishing us (Big & Tall men) for eating anything we fucking want?

Plus there are still the twink stores (I’m referring to stores like  Forever 21, H&M, and Express) that don’t even have a Big & Tall section. Don’t get me wrong, some of these stores do go up to a 2x in tops and a size 42 waist in bottoms. However, there are millions of men in the world that wear larger sizes that would love to shop at these stores.

These retailers are missing out on so much money and they don’t even know it. Hopefully with the success that I know Target is going to get with its Big & Tall sizes, these other retailers will jump on the bandwagon.

What are some stores that you would like to see carry Big & Tall clothing?

To check out Target’s Big & Tall section CLICK HERE.    


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